Metztli is the lunar deity from the Aztec tradition. The work is divided in cycles taken from the mayan calendar. Several sonification and musification techniques were use to generate musical materials. This composition is an homage to Armando Luna and was awarded 3rd place at the National Composition Competition for the 150th anniversary of the Mexican National Conservatoire in 2016.

Contraelegía o Transportarán un cadáver por exprés


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Fixed Media. This piece takes its inspiration from José Agustín's short story 'Transportarán un Cadáver por Express'. I tried to evoke dissimilar narrative sound discourses organised by the sonification of DNA structures.



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For Flute, Piano, Percussion and Electronics. Achtli means seed in náhuatl (an ancient Mexican language). I wrote this piece as a protest demanding action for the missing students. The work was created feeding a MAX/MSP patch with the names of the 43 students in order to transform the characters into musical parameters as timbre, pitch, duration, intensity and gesture.



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Ehécatl is the God of the Wind in the mexica (aztec) tradition. According to this mythology the movement of the sun started with his breath, this God is related to freedom and direction. This piece is the musical rendering of the sonification of 20 amino acids used in the genetic code.

La Maga


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Violin, Viola and Guitar. Julio Cortazar's Rayuela inspired me to write this piece.

Gritar pa' comer


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Social Soundscape. Esta obra retrata la vida de los vendedores ambulantes del metro de la Ciudad de México.